Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bouncie, Bouncie, Bounce . . .

This is funny - sorry it's sideways! I'll record her again and not turn the camera next time. She bounces like that for a long time (30 - 45 minutes) at a time. We will have the strongest baby ever.

Her Favorite Treat - Graham Crackers

When our baby eats - she dives for the food. She is HUNGRY! Fun photos documenting Dad's secret treat - graham crackers. No wonder she adores him.

You are so beautiful to me . . .

Love this dress! I love dress up.
It's so fun to try out the new clothes and soooo many cute ones.
Thanks everyone for your kindness. (This one is from a sweet lady in the Ward).

She is FULL of Trouble . . .

I turned my back for 3 seconds and look what she got into.
Notice the dime she pulled out of the diaper bag. SCARY!!!!!!
She is into Everything and is only 5 months old. BTW -
the diaper bag was at least 2 feet away from where I sat her.
She also got ahold of a half pack of diapers. Crazy girl.
I'm just grateful she didn't swallow something dangerous. Whew!

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