Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kodiak Island, Alaska Fishing Trip '09

So the guys needed some high adventure this past week and decided
to go deep sea fishing in Alaska. They flew out on Sunday night (red eye).
Got to Kodiak Island on Monday morning. Fished all day. And then started home on Tuesday. Got back early morning Wednesday (once
again the red eye). So if you can imagine a child - doing all this - EXHAUSTED! But, loving every minute.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Planting. We are planting 5 miles away because the
growing season is longer. We are excited about this
garden - which is through the church. We bought one row.
Here is Lu - trying out the soil.
Here is our row. See how beautiful it looks.
We also have 2 of those yummy peach trees. :)
My hot husband and cute son. Preparing the soil.Planting (like 38 Tomato plants (40+ Peppers)
SALSA here we come. YUMMMMM

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