Friday, March 19, 2010

The Bolt Bin At The Hardware Store

Here we are at the Hardware store. I think it's her favorite place. Sorry to add so many photos that are similar. But, she is so cute. I couldn't resist!

The Pilot has a Co-Pilot

The Next Michael Phelps

He can swim like Michael - just not follow his lifestyle! :)

At swimming he has really grasped what to do this year. Doing awesome! Loving it too!

Landon - AKA - Lando, Our new Dog

Our new dog! He is like 13 years old (what is that 100 in dog years). We just hope he doesn't die each day. But, the kids love him. He was suppose to be well trained. NOT! He is huge. He is ugly. And he is incredibly sweet with the kids. He also runs away - our son wishes we would have called him BOLT. LOL.

Big 6 - Dinosaurs

Our boy gave a report on Spinosauras. He did awesome. He is a very clever guy! I will have to add the video soon.

A Gift

A little friend who is at a nursing home gave Baby Girl the rabbit. She loves it.

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